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Whether you are going through a sleep disorder, terrible flu, or just looking for a cutting-edge way to improve the overall aroma of your home, InnoGear has got you covered. With an innovative ultrasonic vaporizing technology, this diffuser improves your overall home fragrance and provides aromatherapy using the essential oil. Now you can enhance your sleep routines, fight common flu, cold, and headaches as well as fill your home with a soothing aroma.


Personally, I have used many diffusers, and only one of them worked the best for me – InnoGear Upgraded Version Diffuser. Since I loved the device so much, I performed a complete test on all the elements of this diffuser to see the credibility, efficiency, and performance. InnoGear Diffuser uses the advanced edge ultrasonic vaporizing technology (as I have mentioned above) to engage your home with a quieting yet fragrant mist. The integrated humidifier function adds moisture to the air around you, empowering you with a night of restful sleep, reducing cough rates, and eliminating dry forms of sinuses. Moreover, the automated system cessation shuts down the device when the water runs out, protecting the products from wearing off.


According to an expert’s comparison, the benefits of the InnoGear Upgraded Version Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser are fivefold.


Whether you want to place this diffuser on your desk, countertop, or perhaps, pack it in a small bag while traveling, this diffuser provides a solution to lack of space as it is as tiny as the size of your palm.



For continuous misting, you can switch on the continuous mode or try the intermittent mist mode – whether you like mist dispersion every 30 seconds or continuously, you can set the mode according to your mood.


Involving the finest PP material the same as baby bottles, this diffuser releases a comforting stream of room-temp haze. Since heat is not involved, it is entirely eco-friendly, even to babies and pregnant women.


InnoGear essential oil diffuser has eight vivid and soothing colors – you can dim the light intensity from dim to bright. No matter how you light it, InnoGear Diffuser creates an excellent atmosphere for meditation and contemplation.