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Are you looking for a sleek design, digital body weight with a step-on technology, and also want a body tape? Say hello to Etekcity Digital Body Weight – you can weigh yourself and take your measurements with a precision-made digital body weight that comes with pre-installed body tape.


Even if we minus the sleek, glass design, and innovative technology, this bathroom scale digital body weight made by Elekcity offers many other benefits. After performing a complete survey, analyzing results, and performing comparison based evaluation, we came down to the top three plus points of this digital body weight.


In today’s world, we are always in a hurry – nobody would want to spend a good minute waiting for their weight results; neither do they have the patience to do that. We evaluated a lot of digital weights, but they were either too slow or not precise. Then we found this Elekcity Digital Weight with step-and-read technology. You get the results as soon as you step on it. What’s better than that? Nothing.


As I have mentioned above, we had to evaluate a lot of analog and digital weights to find this digital weight that has the element of precision & accuracy and is fast as well. Elekcity integrated the advanced German technology and used four high-precision sensors built-in with graduation increments of 0.2lb (0.1kg) to provide the most accurate results at the fastest speed.


Elekcity uses a robust and durable 8 mm tempered glass platform to ensure your safety and comfort. Plus, the glass base adds a luxurious touch to your overall device. But that’s not all. The digital body weight scale offers automated zero-resetting function, auto shutdown, low battery & weight overload indication. The backlit LCD screen planted on the glass base makes it easier for you to read the results as well as see the necessary signs.


It is recommended not to place the body weight on uneven, carpeted, or rough surfaces. If you do so, you may face precision errors. To maximize the performance of the device, ensure that you abide by the guidelines.


Now that you are through all the benefits of Elekcity Digital Body Weight, there is no reason not to get the device. If you are worried about the size, you should sit back and relax – the device is compact enough to fit anywhere in your bathroom and home.