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Based on the regular surveys conducted by P&G, Oral-B Black Pro 1000 is a clinically proven, dentist-recommended electric toothbrush. If you are concerned about meeting the brushing-time recommended by dentists, go for this electric toothbrush. It has a 1-minute mode thoughtfully designed with an in-hand timer to help you track your brush intervals and assist you to brush for a dentist-suggested 2-minutes. But that was just the surface benefit – before we move on to many other advantages of this electric toothbrush, let’s take a quick look at the product description.

Oral- Pro 1000 has a base white color contrasted with a secondary black. This toothbrush comes with a rechargeable battery and is compatible with all Oral-B refills. So if you want to use the refill that suits the best for your needs, you should definitely opt for it. To top that all off, the 16-degree technology, helps deep cleaning and removes plague 3x better than your average toothbrush. Furthermore, the in-box items include an Oral-B Professional Handle, a charger, and a CrossAction brush head.


Now that we have taken a quick look at the details and in-box items, we can finally talk about the advantages of this brush.


Oral-B Pro 1000 is clinically proven to provide superior 3D cleaning. Oral-B used advanced 16-degree technology and integrated a unique design that oscillates to break up and pulsates to remove up to 300 percent more plaque along the gum line than your regular manual toothbrush. The round brush head is innovatively designed to offer a tooth-by-tooth clean. Plus, this toothbrush features criss-cross bristles set on a 16-degree angle to reach deep between your teeth – something your regular toothbrush can’t do.


It has various modes to provide the best, most comprehensive brushing experience. Some people ruin the enamel layer on their teeth as well as damage their gums with too much pressure – with Oral-B, you don’t have to worry about that. The pressure sensors installed in the Oral-B Pro 1000 stop pulsating if you apply too much pressure. Secondly, Oral-B integrated a timer on the handle that stutters every 30 seconds to signal you when it’s time to focus on the next quadrant of your mouth. With Oral-B Black Pro 1000, you can brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes.